A Summer Treat: Russ & Daughters’ Babka Ice Cream Sandwiches

Photo Courtesy of Russ & Daughters

By Taylor Smith 

It’s hot in New York City, but have no fear — Russ & Daughters’ (https://www.russanddaughters.com) original Babka Ice Cream Sandwiches are available at their shop at 179 E Houston Street, and at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (141 Flushing Avenue), for $7. The sandwich treats can also be purchased after 5:30 p.m. at their Cafe at 127 Orchard Street. 

With a bread-like exterior, the Babka Ice Cream Sandwich is a winner on all accounts. It features babka on the outside, combined with babka ice cream on the inside, for a modern take on Hokey-Pokeys, the name for the slabs of homemade ice cream sold by the Russ & Daughters pushcart back in the Bowery neighborhood in 1899. 

For those who are unfamiliar, babka is a historically Jewish treat that manages to be both light and dense at the same time. Layers of bread are swirled with chocolate (and sometimes cinnamon), best enjoyed alongside a cup of coffee or as a stand-alone snack/dessert. 

Babka came to New York with the arrival of Eastern European Jews and, somewhere along with line, the delicious baked good was discovered by fellow New Yorkers. The rich loaves have grown in popularity, and are well-loved and recognized throughout the world today. 

The rolled, twisted, and folded dough is complemented by the ice cream sandwich mashup, and we wouldn’t be surprised if, after one bite, Russ & Daughters’ summery treat becomes your new favorite New York food experience.