Bath Bombs, The Latest Trend in Cosmetics


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You’re never too old for a good bath.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

The day we graduate from the bathtub is bittersweet. While venturing into the world of standup showers, shaving, and Noxema is exciting, it’s sad to say goodbye to splish-splashing in a bubble bath.

Companies like Lush Cosmetics are bringing back the good times with bubble bath’s sophisticated older sisters, Bubble Bar and Bath Bomb. Both are made up of dry powders packed together in various shapes that effervesce when placed in water. As they break down, the products release swirls of color, glitter, and in the case of Bubble Bars, bubbles. Similar to a jawbreaker, many bath bombs have different colors in each layer causing the water to change over time. This dissolving process has left the most reserved of adults enthralled, prompting them to take pictures of their bath bomb water and share them on social media.

There are Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars ranging from Sparkly Pumpkin to Granny Takes a Dip. And while they smell great and make for smooth skin, these aspects become secondary to the colorful water they create. Hence, some of Lush’s bestsellers (listed below) are popular for their dissolving processes more than anything else.

Twilight: A hot pink ball embossed with moons and stars, that changes color like the sky at dusk, from pink, to purple, and eventually, black.

Dragon’s Egg: A white ball speckled with color that makes ton of snap, crackles, and pops until it releases a center of glitter. Enough said.

Big Blue: A white and blue ball that basically turns your bathtub into the sea.

Below, we share some of the “bath art” being created by spirited adults from around the world, but first, a strangely calming video of Bath Bombs dissolving from Lush Cosmetics’ Instagram page


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics


Image Source: @lushcosmetics

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