College Prep at The Hotchkiss School

Photo Source: Harlem Lacrosse

Last week, 20 Harlem Lacrosse high schoolers trekked to The Hotchkiss School for a week of residential college prep targeting academic skills and human development concepts that lead to postsecondary success.

Here are a few highlights:

Day 1 —> The Human Development session was focused on time management. The new strategies HLers came up with included prioritization, eliminating distractions, finding a balance in our commitments, and planning ahead.

HLers applied the strategies to create time for extra plyometric training in between practice and class time.

Day 2 —> A 6:30am morning stretch on the Hotchkiss golf course was a great way to start the day.

HLers also focused on honing their skills at an evening indoor session after the day’s classes were over.

Day 3 —> A high energy practice after morning classes with small group shooting progressions and a live scrimmage.

Students enjoyed a visit from Delaware College Scholars founder, Dr. Tony Alleyne. DCS alum Malik was a helpful student-mentor all week helping facilitate great classroom discussions and keeping nightly study halls focused.

Day 4 —> The high schoolers were in the hockey rink for practice where they worked on pass down pick down shooting and played a 4v4 tournament. It was great having board member Evan Vosburgh suit up both in the field and in goal during the games!

They talked about getting organized and clearing your head during a Human Development session. Then the players took an evening hike to fully clear their heads after four straight 16-hour days.

Day 5 —> Students made posters addressing each of the Human Development skills they discussed during the week: time management, metacognition, sustained attention, and organization.

The Harlem Lacrosse players also enjoyed student presentations on controversial news articles. Each pair analyzed the origin, purpose, value, limitations, and bias of their article, then responded to questions from the audience.

Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the week soon!