JCC U Spring Term Courses 2018

By Taylor Smith 

JCC University at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ offers the opportunity to rekindle previous passions, ignite new interests, meet new people and stay involved in the developments that shape today’s world. Top professors and experts present on topics including science, literature, film, economics, psychology, architecture and politics.

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JCC U Spring Term

May 17
1968: The Year That Shook Our History
Columbia Law School lecturer Jess Velona takes us back 50 years to a tumultuous time. Unprecedented military defeat in Vietnam, charismatic leaders assassinated, the worst riots in US history, political and social upheaval, 1968 was momentous. Learn how some little-known behind the scenes decisions led to some of the most shocking events of our time.

Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables
Whitney Museum Teaching Fellow, Janine DeFeo, will introduce us to the current exhibit at the Whitney. While American Gothic, with its pitchfork-wielding farmer and his wife, is one of the most recognizable paintings in 20th Century American art, it is only a glimpse into Grant Wood’s overall body of work. We will learn how, beneath their bucolic exterior, Wood’s paintings reflect his subconscious anxieties.

June 7
How Trump’s Immigration Policies Impact Lives and Change America
Matt Katz
is back! One of JCC U’s presenters, Katz, who is a Peabody award winning correspondent for WNYC, returns to share dramatic stories that put the changing policies into context. Through his reporting, he has given voice to the plight of the immigrants and refugees who make America home. We will discuss how these changes alter the concept of America.

Frank Lloyd Wright and the West
Wright is one of the most universally acclaimed American architects. Professor Seth Gopin returns to JCC U to teach us about this extraordinary genius and how, after his early Prairie Style, he became infatuated with the West. We’ll see how, after settling in Taliesin West in Arizona, he adapted his work to the climate and new materials.

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