Meet Tania Gold of Sacred Space Living in Cresskill, NJ

Create a sacred space within yourself

By Erika Moritz

Improving physical health, mental health, concentration, productivity, and creativity are all benefits of a meditative practice.

Before opening her meditation studio Sacred Space Living, located at 15 Broadway, Suite 204 in Cresskill, NJ, Tania Gold used meditation as part of her daily practice to keep herself grounded. As time passed, meditation began to take a more prominent role in her life and developed into a passion. As such, Gold decided to immerse herself in the study of meditation. Soon, she was signing up for retreats and workshops. These experiences led her to (in her words) “follow the signs” and realize her own mission.

“What became clear to me is that we are all looking for more depth in our lives – for a way to slow down and feel a connection. I have found meditation to be the answer to that. I realized my desire to share the impact of meditations with others, so I created Sacred Space Living,” explains Gold.

Sacred Space Living offers daily meditation classes. Meditation is recommended for anyone willing to try it, although Gold does hold classes for those specifically struggling through a difficult situation like grief, trauma, or illness. Gold states, “To hold space for someone while they work through a painful experience is such an honor. This work has been a gift.”

Gold is most recently certified in Ishta, however classes are taught based on a variety of philosophies. Above all, Gold stresses the importance of taking time out of your day, everyday, for self-care.

“People are very busy, so it is a challenge to add another commitment into their lives. I see how much they enjoy meditation and want it, but they just can’t find the time. However this, as with most things that are good for us, tend to be the moments we need to commit to the most.”

Gold’s motivation and passion for her studio derives from her belief in the real-life benefits of meditation. For example, seeing her clients emerge from a class satisfied and refreshed is one of the most rewarding scenes.

“Meditation is an experience that will speak for itself.”

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