Celebrate Oktoberfest at North Jersey’s Breweries


Before the ‘fest ends on October 3, make sure you get your chance to yell, “Prost!” at a local brewery

Saturday, September 17 marked the beginning of Oktoberfest, where millions of people flock to Munich, Germany to consume just about a million liters of beer. As the world’s largest festival of its kind, Oktoberfest is something to experience. While we can’t fund your ticket to Europe, we can provide you a list of seasonal brews in NJ ready to be consumed. Here, North Jersey brewers share their seasonal beers for this fall.

New Jersey Beer Co.

4201 Tonnelle Avenue, North Bergen, NJ


The Chairman of the Board: “Our fall seasonal was crafted with an inimitable blend of autumn spices and real pumpkin, and also serves as our loving tribute to a Hudson County original: Frank Sinatra, The Chairman of the Board! 5.2% ABV” – njbeerco.com


Photo courtesy of @njbeerco Instagram

Alementary Brewing Co.

58 Voorhis Lane, Hackensack, NJ


Oktoberfest lager: Traditional festbier, which is a rich beer with tons of toasty malt flavors.

Figgy Pudding: A higher ABV British beer that is aged on fried figs, prunes, and apricots.

Laniakea: Russian Imperial Stout that is aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels


Flounder Brewing Co.

1 Ilene Court, Bldg 8, Ste 16, Hillsborough Township, NJ


 Floundering Pumpkin: 5% pumpkin ale.  This nice amber ale is spiced just right with cinnamon, nutmeg, and fresh ginger and brewed with a whole lotta pumpkin.

Pumpkin Saison: Pumpkin ale fermented with a special blend of Saison yeast leading to a completely new taste experience than their regular Pumpkin Ale.  You’ll get more fruit esters and notes thanks to the saison yeast.

Their Murky Brown Ale starts to peak out in November. It is a delicious American Brown Ale with some nice toasty biscuit flavors and a medium body.  It is a nice welcome to late fall and the upcoming winter.


Krogh’s Brewery

23 White Deer Plaza, Sparta, NJ


Oktoberfest: “Krogh’s Oktoberfest is brewed in the style of German Marzenbier.Marzenbier is full-bodied, rich, toasty, typically dark copper in color with a medium to high alcohol content. Krogh’s Oktoberfest has a malty flavor, a well-balanced hop bitterness and a clean, dry finish. It is topped with an off-white, foamy head.” – Kroghs.com

We are also restarting the Cask or Firkin program. We will release variations of our flagship and seasonal beers in cask form. This means that it is naturally carbonated and typically served at a warmer, cask-aged temperature (~55 degrees). The beer engine for this serving type is a hand-pulled lever that, when poured, creates a nice cascading effect. We are also getting into oak-aging our beer. Our first Oaked beer will be our Brogden Meadow Pale Ale aged with medium charred oak. This will be out towards the end of the summer and will be in draft format.


Climax Brewing Co.

112 Valley Road, Roselle Park, NJ


“Oktoberfest is available until November and has toasty caramel and malty flavor. It is made from German Noble Hops and massive amounts of Munich Malt, which gives it an orange color.” – climaxbrewing.com


Photo courtesy of Climax Brewing Co Inc.’s Facebook Page

Departed Soles Brewing Co.

150 Bay Street, Suit 2A, Jersey City, NJ


 Ghost of Pumpkins Passed: “An amber ale base with real pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg combine to produce a delicious seasonal. 4.5% ABV” –departedsoles.com

Cran-bury Kolsch: “A fall seasonal brewed to pair perfectly with our favorite excuse to eat too much food! Light, clean, and clear, with a hint of Cranbury, so you can save some place on your plate for something else. 4.7% ABV” – departedsoles.com


Photo courtesy of @departedsoles