The Bernards Inn Has Nothing to Wine About

Meet Wine Sommelier Terri A. Baldwin of The Bernards Inn

By Erika Moritz 

The Bernards Inn, located in Bernardsville, N.J., is often recognized and appreciated for its extensive collection of fine wines. The Inn’s wine director, Terri A. Baldwin, developed the collection thoughtfully, offering a range of tastes and flavor. Aside from being the Inn’s wine director, she is also a wine sommelier.

“I believe education is very crucial to understanding and fulfilling the true enjoyment of wine. My personal goal is to use my knowledge to be a trendsetter in the wine world,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin has always been passionate about food. From a young age she was drawn to the diversity of flavors offered in different dishes. Thus, she followed her career into the food industry. However, it wasn’t until she started working for The Bernards Inn that she discovered that wine was her true passion. It was there that she was exposed to many fine wines and a wine distributor recognized her gift. Baldwin decided to expand her knowledge about wine. She enrolled in the Sommelier Society of America School in New York and really delved deeper into all things wine.

Baldwin excelled in school and brought her new knowledge back to The Bernards Inn. Under her direction, the Inn expanded its wine collection from only a few hundred bottles to around 1,500 selections and 60 wines offered by the glass. But Baldwin’s knowledge doesn’t stop at wine. Her widespread knowledge of how food is prepared and the ingredients and spices used helps her when selecting wines to pair with the food prepared by Chef Corey W. Heyer. The wines she selects work to enhance the flavors of both the wine and food.

Baldwin constantly strives to offer the best dining experience. She lives by a simple philosophy to absorb knowledge about food and wine from tasting, traveling, reading, and meeting professionals so she can relay it to the staff and guests at the Inn. Her commitment and knowledge has served the Inn with multiple accolades such as Wine Spectator’s “Best of Award of Excellence” for 16 consecutive years and one of the Best Global Wine lists by World of Fine Wine Magazine.

Personally, Baldwin has gained attention for her palate and her enjoyment in engaging with guests and educating them with her experiences. She has been recognized in the Chalk Hill Sommelier Guide, the New Jersey Restaurant Association named her the Most Valued Restaurant Employee of the Year, American Express has awarded her with the Outstanding Service Award, and Forbes Magazine recognized her for Outstanding Performance in Customer Service.

Baldwin is dedicated to working to create the most enjoyable and delicious dining experiences for all the guests dining at The Bernards Inn, and has been consistent in this for the last 23 years.

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