Best Photo Editing Apps

Prisma 1

(Photo Courtesy of @prisma)

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

As of June 2016, Instagram reached 500 million users. That’s 500 million

iPhone photographers, also known as “iPhoneographers,” sharing their images with the world. In response to these numbers, companies have created photo-editing apps that allow you to manipulate photos in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to remove a blemish from a selfie or turn your image into a work of art, these apps allow users to separate their photos from the masses.

Color Pop 2

Color Pop Effects – Free

(Photo courtesy of @kitegamesstudio)

As its name suggests, this app adds a pop of color to black and white photos. Color Pop allows users to convert a color photo to black and white and then select certain parts of the image to display in the colors of your choice.


Prisma – Free

(Photo Courtesy of @prisma)

Prisma’s tagline is “turn every photo into art,” and it does just that. The app offers a range of filters from Mondrian to Roland that transform an average photo into something breathtaking. According to an article on Business Insider, since early June, 1.2 billion photos have been edited with Prisma.


Befunky – Free

 Befunky offers a myriad of photo editing tools, making it one of the most popular apps of its kind. 45 million monthly users touch-up photos, create collages, or add text to their images with befunky. Arguably, the app’s most entertaining feature is decorating photos with “goodies,” or fun stickers like unicorns and mustaches.

REtromatic @petavision

Retromatic 2.0 - $1.99

With our ever-evolving technology, hardly any photo seems original anymore. Retromatic eases the stress of the future, by taking your photos back in time. Simply trace the part of a photo that you’d like edited and watch as it turns vintage.


PixelWakker - $2.99

(Photo courtesy of @pixelwakker)

 The PixelWakker app encourages users to “whack that pixel!” It modifies an image’s pixels with four different filter options: pixel image, dots, line, or color rain to create cool effects.

courtesy of

Clone Camera - $1.99

(Photo Courtesy of @petavision)

This app lets you place multiple images of yourself – or anything else – onto the same background. In other words, take a picture of a single person or thing in different locations, and then place them in a single photo for a multi-dimensional shot.


Lifecake - Free

(Photo courtesy of @lifecake)

 A common problem for new parents is filling up their iPhone with zillions of baby photos. Instead of having the images sit idly in your camera roll; Lifecake organizes them into an online baby book that you can share with other users. The app also timestamps photos, allowing you to easily specific periods of your child’s development.


Ampergram - $.99

(Photo courtesy of @ampergram)

 Create typographic fonts using pictures of letters taken by yourself or members of the app community. Use the hashtag #ampergram and include the photographed character (ex: #! #A) to add the picture to the gallery.