Dating a cop reddit

Nowadays, people are finding unique ways to find potential partners, and one of those ways is through Reddit. Dating a cop is often seen as a great thing for many people, as cops are typically seen as heroic and protective. On Reddit, there are several threads dedicated to the topic of dating a cop, where people can share their experiences, advice, and stories.

Those who have dated cops often find it to be an exciting experience. They appreciate their partners loyalty and dedication to their career and the sense of security that it brings. People will often share stories of the unique situations they find themselves in when they are with their cop partner, like getting pulled over and let off with a warning. This can be a funny situation when theyre on a date and the cop partner says see you later to the officer who just let them off.

However, dating a cop can also be more challenging than other relationships. Cops often work long hours, and they may not always be able to make it to important events or dates. They also face danger on a daily basis, which can be stressful for those close to them. It can also be difficult for a cop to open up about the struggles and challenges they face on the job.

No matter what, those who date cops need to make sure that both partners understand and respect each others needs. Reddit is full of advice from those who have gone through it, so if youre considering dating a cop, Reddit is a great resource to get tips from people who have been through it.

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