Dating after death podcast

Dating after Death is a podcast dedicated to helping those who have suffered the loss of a loved one find love again. While no one can replace the person they have lost, the podcast uses real-life stories and advice to help those who are ready to explore their feelings and take big steps towards a new relationship. Hosted by two dating experts, Dr. George Blair-West and Dr. Janice Rodd, each episode is filled with stories from real people who have been through the process of dating after death, as well as tips and advice from the experts.

The podcast encourages open and honest conversations about mourning, healing and starting over. It is a safe space for people to talk about their experiences, fears, and hopes as they move through the process of dating again. Guests range from widows and widowers to those who have lost a parent or sibling, giving a variety of perspectives on how to move forward. The podcast also features Ask a Therapist sections where guests can ask questions and get advice from the experts.

Dating after Death is a great resource for those who are ready to start dating again after a major loss, but are apprehensive about taking that first step. It offers practical advice on how to cope with the emotions associated with dating after death, while also providing support and understanding for those who are struggling to take that first step. For those looking for a safe, supportive space to discuss their experiences and feelings, Dating After Death is an excellent resource.

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