Dating scammer name list

Dating scams are unfortunately very common, and scammers are constantly coming up with new names to try and lure people in. To make sure you dont fall victim to a dating scammer, its important to know the names that scammers use.

As a first step, its a good idea to avoid giving out your personal information to anyone youve met online. That means not giving out your full name or any other personal information until youve gotten to know someone quite well. Once youve done that, its wise to check the persons name against a dating scammer name list.

A good list of names will include any aliases used by the scammer. These could include different spellings of their name, as well as any nicknames they might have used in the past. Its also important to check any social media accounts the person may have in order to look for suspicious activity or clues that the person might be a scammer.

If you come across a name that looks suspicious, its a good idea to do some further research into the person and check for any red flags. This could include looking for reviews online or asking acquaintances who might have had contact with the person in the past.

Finally, its also important to remember that dating scammers are constantly creating new names and identities. So, even if you check a dating scammer name list and dont find anything suspicious, it doesnt mean that the person is safe. Its still important to look for other signs that the person could be a scammer. If something seems off, its best to trust your gut and proceed with caution.

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