Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club

FiddlersElbow club house 9-26-13

Interview by Lynn Adams Smith

Photos Courtesy of Fiddler's Elbow

This historic country club, located on 1,000 acres in Bedminster Township, was once a peach orchard, then a dairy farm. Built in the 1930s, the original stone manor now serves as the clubhouse. The name “Fiddler’s Elbow” originates from the bend in the middle of the Lamington River that runs through the property. Locals thought the bend resembled the arm of a fiddle player and the name stuck. The club has emerged from a successful evolution as a long time corporate club to a hybrid where families, individuals, and business people gather.

Membership Marketing Director, Allison Garber, spoke with Urban Agenda Magazine about the club which serves as an oasis from the pressures of day-to-day life.


Urban Agenda: Tell us about the three different golf courses at Fiddler’s Elbow.

Allison Garber: The courses are named Forest, Meadow, and River, offering a total of 54 holes of championship golf. The Meadow Course was formerly a pasture; it’s adjacent to the clubhouse, and is a walking course. There are significant elevation changes throughout and the greens are challenging. The Forest Course is nestled within a plantation of white pines, beeches, and oak trees. It was designed by Rees Jones and offers a serene experience, similar to the foothills in the Carolinas. The River Course is designed around the Lamington River. It’s a Parkland-style course with moderate to significant elevation changes throughout. There are videos of the courses on our website at

FECC tennis

UA: Other than golf, what types of activities are available at Fiddler’s Elbow?

AG: The Fiddler’s Aquatics Center is the hub for families to relax, with a state of the art pool and clubhouse. There is a full kitchen for poolside dining and many special events such as concerts, drive-in movies, and barbecues. We have a well-equipped fitness center, five brand new Har-Tru tennis courts, and Paddle Tennis, played outdoors in the winter on a heated deck. Fly fishing has recently been added to our list of amenities. The Lamington River is open to fly fish from sunrise to sunset. There are nine pools on the property, stocked with 400 trout. We have a catch and release program and participants are required to take an orientation class which is taught by expert fly fishing instructors.

Outdoor patio

UA: What are the other dining options at the club in addition to the poolside dining you mentioned?

AG: The 55th Hole Grill is ideal for a casual meal before or after golf. The Elbow Dining Room is for a more formal meal and the Wine Cellar is available for lunch, dinner or intimate private events. We also offer family dinners, cooking classes, and many special dining options on our social calendar such as the 4th of July celebration.

Pool extended

UA: How does someone become a member of the club?

AG: We are a non-equity club, which allows members to join and renew year to year. Members join and renew year to year. We offer different types of memberships such as corporate, social, family, house, and sports & leisure. The trustees manage the club and they are very active with the members. They set the tone of the club, which is upbeat, enjoyable, and an oasis for our members.