Frightfully Adorable Dog Costumes


Photo Credit: @marshthepup

North Jersey and NYC’s K9 companions preview their looks for Halloween

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

You might have seen our post, “Halloween Pet Parades in NJ.” To ensure your pooches are looking extra sharp for the festivities, we enlisted the help of northern NJ and NYC’s most fashionable four-legged companions. Aside from their uncanny ability to sleep all day, eat anything (edible or inedible), and receive endless belly rubs, these dogs know how to work it on Halloween. Although their loyal Instagram followings show that they’re adorable on a daily basis, when these dogs are dressed up…We’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Here, we preview the Halloween costumes for the fierce and fabulous dogs of NJ and NYC.



Instagram Profile: Jack King in Training

When Jack isn’t being toted around in Dolce & Gabbana shopping bags, Target shopping carts, or airplanes, this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel runs the streets of New Jersey.

For Halloween, Jack will be toting tons of adorability when he’s dressed as a Dunkin’ Donuts box of Munchkins. A true city slicker, Jack was an UBER Black Car for last Halloween.



Instagram Profile: Mack The Goldendoodle 5.8.16 RVD Multigen Petite Goldendoodle Living in Hoboken, NJ with my pawrents

This Giants-loving pup could enter a Halloween parade in his birthday suit and still win first place. However, the Hoboken stud is sporting not one, but two costumes this October. Since he’s cute enough to eat, Mack will be wearing a cheeseburger to become "Big Mack." His other costume is “Super Man” or “Super Mack.” Here, Mack is pictured in his everyday costume, a monogrammed bandana.


@poochofnyc and @littlefreddietinkles

Instagram Profile (poochofnyc): They call me the "Bob Ross of dogs" Follow the hair.

(littlefreddietinkles): Hi! I'm Fred, If you like chicken nuggets, then you'll def love me! March 23 2016, New York City. You must know my brother @PoochofNYC,

 Agador and his brother Fred are bringing double the charm this Halloween with their Wizard of Oz-themed costumes. Agador will be the Lion and Fred will be the scarecrow, but these pups are Instagram stars whether or not they’re dressed-up. Perhaps that’s because they look like live teddy bears (as is evidenced in this ridiculously adorable photo from last Halloween). These social media mavens have a combined Instagram following of close to 21K and have been featured on the pages of People Magazine. Not too shabby, boys.




Instagram Profile: Pageant Pom Mom The Webseries about a rescue Pomeranian mom & the friends, foes & fiascos they meet along the way. Created by @br00keh00ver #jerseycity

Kibbles and Annie are not only fashionistas, but also actors. Their pawrent, Brook Hoover, stars in the webseries, Pageant Pom Mom alongside her fur babies. An avid animal lover, Hoover helped raise nearly $1,000 for rescue pets at the series premier last year. This Halloween, Kibbles is going to be a banana split, and his sidekick Annie is going to sport a lacy pink dress. It’s still undecided if Annie will be a ballerina or Glinda the Good Witch, but really, does it matter? A Pomeranian in a pink dress is more than we could ever ask for.




Instagram Profile: Meeka, I love to lick, I might have a problem. I'm a Chiweenie (pretty sure) and I live in Jersey City. I have a full time job being cute. 11/7/14

This Jersey City Chihuahua/Dachshund mix loves Halloween almost as much as she loves giving kisses. Meeka sports a pumpkin sweatshirt throughout the month of October, but come the big day, she’ll transform into a mini unicorn. Meeka’s owner, who is equally enthusiastic about the holiday (and her pooch), will be carrying a fairy wand to complement the costume.




Instagram Profile: Dre & Cody, Name's Cody, Jersey dog, 8 y.o Pitbull. Scorpio, I love bike rides, milkbones & butt scratches. My auntie’s @Bullymomsunited. My mamacita, @AndyO129

This handsome Pitbull will be a force to reckon with on Halloween when he sports his Captain America, Ironman, or Loki costume. No matter what look he choses, Cody is always a superhero in our eyes. As is evident on his Instagram account, this gentle boy is a fierce advocate against Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL). Cody is proof that Pitbulls are not only adorable, but one of the most affectionate and loving breeds around.



Instagram Profile: Marshall, Lower East Side, New York, NY. I love baby carrots and naps. 9/19/2013. #motherpuppa #downtosniff. Marshthepup.

Marshall is one stylish Shih Tzu. The three-year-old New York-native is a well-known Instagram pooch with 16.1K followers. This Halloween, he’s putting aside his argyle sweaters and printed bananas for his Ewok costume. Whether or not it surpasses his Super Mario costume from last year is up to you.