Holiday Safety Tips from Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad

Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad (PFARS) urges families throughout the greater Princeton community to enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season with a few extra tips. Keeping home and travel safety in mind will help to minimize any unnecessary injuries and hazards. 

Starting from December into the new year, hospitals and emergency departments tend to see an increase in accidents, injuries, and cardiac deaths relating to the holidays. The risk rises due to holiday stress, over-exertion, skipping medications, dietary mistakes, roadway accidents, and falls on the ice. Accidental burns from cooking, falling from a ladder, and allergic reactions from food choices can sometimes lead to injuries and even hospitalization.

Decorate safely by keeping potentially poisonous plants out of the house. Mistletoe, holly berries, Jerusalem cherry and amaryllis are all toxic for children. If using an artificial tree, check that it is fire resistant and be sure to use only indoor lights indoors (similarly, use only outdoor lights outdoors). Replace light sets that are broken, cracked, or have exposed wires. Finally, keep plants and decorations at least three feet away from fireplaces, radiators, and other heating devices. 

Carbon monoxide is a “silent killer” as it is colorless, odorless, and poses a real risk. During the holidays, people might unintentionally put themselves in harm’s way when trying to heat their home or vehicle. Be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors (as well as smoke alarms) in your home. Also, don’t leave your car running in the garage, don’t use a generator in an enclosed space, and don’t use a gas range or an oven to heat your home. Lastly, have your fuel-burning appliances and chimney serviced annually. 

Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad wishes everyone happy holidays!

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