Is disqus a dating site

No, Disqus is not a dating site. Disqus is a web-based platform used by millions of websites to pick up the conversation happening on the website. It is a commenting and discussion platform which allows users to leave comments and interact with other user comments on the website.

Disqus is a great way to increase engagement and interaction on websites. Websites can configure it as a single sign-on to allow users to easily sign in and post comments. By using Disqus, users can vote, share, and recommend content on a website. It also allows website owners to moderate comments and remove inappropriate content from the discussion.

In addition to its commenting and discussion platform, Disqus also has an analytics feature which provides insights about user engagement and comment activity on a website. This helps website owners better understand their audience and see what content resonates with them.

Although Disqus is not a dating site, it can be used as a tool for building relationships with customers or potential partners. It is a great way for website owners to build a community of loyal followers and create meaningful conversations online.

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