Lesbian hookup lines

Hooking up with someone youre attracted to can be exciting, and there are plenty of lesbian hookup lines to get the ball rolling. Whether youre meeting someone online or in person, an interesting pick up line can help break the ice and get the conversation started.

One of the most classic lesbian hookup lines is Do you come here often? Even if youre meeting someone for the first time, asking them if they frequent the location can be an easy way to introduce yourself and start a conversation. Plus, its a great way to gauge their interest.

For something a bit more creative, try I think I just saw cupid, because I suddenly felt something I never felt before. This shows your interest while also boosting their confidence. Its a fun way to let them know youre interested without being too forward.

If youre feeling bold, try something like Im no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that three is a crowd. This flirty line hints that youd like it to just be the two of you without being too direct about it.

For something a bit more lighthearted, try Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money? This playful line implies that you dont need an excuse to spend time with them while adding a bit of humour to the situation.

No matter what line you choose, remember to be friendly, confident and respectful. You never know where the conversation could lead!

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