Meet the “Momtrepreneur” Behind Milk & Honey Babies of Englewood, NJ

web 2Ariana Horry, owner of Milk & Honey Babies, tells Urban Agenda why being a mom is the best business education you can have.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

A momtrenpreneur is a woman who has created a family and a business, and Ariana Horry, owner of Englewood’s Milk & Honey Babies, has created a business that’s rooted in family. As the mother to daughters Avery (2) and Maya (7), Horry has the best training there is to succeed in the mom and baby industry.

After the birth of her daughters, Horry became aware of the lacking quality of many baby products. “I was tired of the chemicals companies were using that weren’t good for my little ones,” explains Horry. “Thanks to social media platforms and brands that support nontoxic and eco-friendly products like Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, more moms have become aware of the products they buy for their children.”

Horry channeled her personal frustrations into an entrepreneurial endeavor that combined her motherly instinct with her natural eye for design. The result is Milk & Honey Babies, a cozy, yet modern boutique that carries luxe products for new parents and their children. Horry’s highly curated selection of items meets all parent-minded criteria, making it North Jersey’s mecca for safe and stylish baby products.

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While Horry is fully dedicated to her boutique, she makes it a point to stay equally devoted to her family. Perhaps the best example of Horry’s ability to fuse home life with business life is the way she incorporates her girls into her work. Aside from being the inspiration behind Milk & Honey Babies, Avery and Maya were actively involved in its creation, starting with its name.

“When it was time to name the business, I sat down with my daughters and we listed words that we associated with babies,” Horry recalls. “We found that there was a combination of words that expressed baby necessities, and then ones that represented more playful items. So, we put two words together that conveyed both the playful and the practical sides of being a baby: milk and honey.”

True to its name, Milk & Honey Babies carries swaddles, diapers, cribs, strollers, and everything in between. Whether the item is a necessity (like the UPPAbaby strollers) or a plaything (like the 3 Sprouts Elephant Hooded Towel), its always eco-friendly, safe, and stylish.

Aside from helping parents stay informed about the importance of quality baby products, Horry hopes that Milk & Honey Babies empowers her children. “I just want the best for my daughters. I want to inspire them to be future CEOs and moms. I’m showing them the balance of both worlds so they can be anything and everything they want to be.”

Milk & Honey Babies is located at on 11 Grand Avenue in Englewood, New Jersey. For more information call 201.871.2111 or visit

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