Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook


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The famed fashion designer swaps suits for cycling in his new book with Thames & Hudson

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

Paul Smith is known as the UK’s premiere fashion designer, even getting knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000 for his services to British fashion. But in his new book with Thames & Hudson, Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook, you’ll see that Smith’s interests are just as multidimensional as his designs.

Before starting his career in fashion, Sir Paul Smith had ambitions to become a racing cyclist. But after enduring a major bike crash at the age of 17, Smith was forced to pursue a different path. After a six-month stay in the hospital, Smith started taking evening classes in tailoring, and eventually opened up a small Nottingham boutique in 1970. Come 2016, Smith’s brand has grown to over 350 shops worldwide.

Although Smith’s fame derived from his sewing rather than his cycling, his passion for the sport remains integral to his work. His designs often include cycling motifs that give his clothes their signature twist on tradition. Smith was even asked to design the famous maglia rosa pink jersey worn by the leader of the Giro d’Italia, which was blessed by the Pope and given to the winner of the race.

Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook compiled by former chief sports writer at the Guardian, Richard Williams, provides a personal look at Smith’s love of cycling. A true “scrapbook,” the tomb is a collection of Smith’s favorite people, races, and places in the cycling world through the romantic and beautiful images that inspired him.

Thames & Hudson’s Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook by Paul Smith with Richard Williams, Foreward by David Millar debuts June 14, 2016, but you can preorder your copy today.


© 2016 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London


© 2016 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London


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© 2016 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London