Peloton Tread: A High-End Treadmill with Bells and Whistles

By Taylor Smith 

The makers of the Peloton indoor cycling bike have a new model on the market — the Peloton Tread. Unlike the bike, the Tread is a hulking piece of fitness equipment with a hefty price tag of $179 per month for 24 months or a one-time payment of $4,295. More than just a standard treadmill, the engineers behind the Peloton brand are hoping that users of the bike will opt in to purchasing the Tread because of the personalized coaching and virtual reality community experience. 

Peloton has distinguished itself within the fitness market for offering a Netflix-like library of cycling, running, strength training, boot camp, walking, stretching, yoga, and meditation classes. Subscribers pay the equivalent of $39 per month for access to this on-demand library any time of day or night from any smartphone or streaming device. There is also no limit on the number of classes that users can take per day, which somewhat justifies the membership fee when compared to taking a boutique indoor cycling class at the Soul Cycle franchise for $32 per class. 

The Peloton brand states that it offers convenience above all else. Like the bike, the Tread experience is comparable to a Mile High Run Club session at one of Manhattan’s elite studios. Therefore, Peloton’s equipment brings the urban fitness studio experience to users anywhere in the world. 

Drawbacks of the Tread are the sheer size and weight of the machinery. While the bike has proven to be apartment-friendly with little to no sound, critics of the Tread state that the equipment requires a high ceiling, to accommodate the incline settings, and a sturdy floor, ideally a basement or a garage. 

The Tread is outfitted with a glossy 32-inch touchscreen with fantastic audio — as far as screen imaging goes, it doesn’t get more attractive or sleek. The carbon steel frame allows for “free mode function” on the unique belt, which is akin to some models of the Woodway Treadmills that enable you to use your entire body weight to move the belt. This mode has to be indicated by the user, otherwise the belt will operate like a typical treadmill where you adjust the speed according to minutes per mile, along with the incline (it’s possible to feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest). 

Like the bike, the Tread experience is enhanced by a team of real-life instructors, conducting classes in real time and on demand from the Tread Studio’s West Village location in Manhattan. Even for hard core runners, it’s difficult not to become swept up in the charisma, enthusiasm, and athleticism of the Tread instructors. In addition, the tailored playlists are extremely helpful for making the time pass by in a flash. These instructors are world-wide fitness personalities, reaching homes around the world any time of day or night. 

When purchasing the Tread, you can opt in to buying The Tread Works for an additional $349. This includes an exercise mat, two sets of weights, a set of resistance bands, a glass water bottle, and a pair of JBL Peloton Wireless Earbuds. This package is meant to enhance the at-home Tread experience, especially because certain classes are of the boot camp variety, combining running and floor work. 

In summary, if money and space are no object, the Tread is an alluring addition to your at-home gym. The digital community of fellow runners and Peloton diehards will keep you motivated and on track even in the darkest days of winter, or when time is simply at a premium. If space and money are of concern, be sure to analyze the Peloton Tread specs and financing options here:

Happy running!