Pi Day Princeton Celebration 2023

Pi Day Princeton and Einstein’s birthday celebration this year will be more fun than ever!

Einstein was born on March 14 — 3.14, the numeric equivalent of Pi. Every year, the town of Princeton celebrates with an irrational number of events, including:

Pre-Teen Pi Recitation Winner receives $314.15

Youth Einstein Look-Alike Winners receive $314.15

Pie Eating Contest

Pie Throwing Contest

Pie Flight Tasting

Dinky Rides with Einstein

Memorization suggestions from the first champion to break 10,000 digits

Self-Guided Einstein Walkabouts through Princeton

For non-competitive types, there is a Pi-Rade, storytime and book signings, and a professionally guided tour of Einstein’s neighborhood, and more.

The Pi Recitation and Einstein Look-Alike registration is $3.14 per participant. Most other events are free to attend and will take place at the Princeton Shopping Center or in downtown Princeton. For a complete Pi Day schedule of events, times, and locations, visit www.princetonshoppingcenter.com/events/event/pi-day-princeton/.