Uncover Your Plant Personality with The Sill


The fashion-forward plant shop reveals the perfect plant for the green-thumbed, the chronic plant-killer, and everyone in between.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

The Sill is a plant design, delivery, and maintenance shop based out of New York City, but you might know them as the place that made houseplants cool. Once a staple for an older generation, the houseplant has evolved into a trendy home accessory. This is due impart to the popularity of plants like succulents, cacti, and air plants that are not only small and easy to care for, but also stylish. These plants are often unusually shaped and sized, and immediately make a space look smarter. Thing is, they don’t necessary require you to be smarter – at least when it comes to the world of botany. Many of these plants are low-water plants, meaning you can forget to water them for days without any fatalities. Such plants are ideal for the on-the-go city-dweller who travels often or the forgetful millennial who is still learning to feed themselves properly.

The_Sill_Air Plant 2

But let’s be fair, green-thumbed plant connoisseurs are out there that enjoy learning about and nurturing houseplants. The Sill has options for these people too. For example, there’s The Sill’s Rex Begonia suggested for the “Caregiver” on their plant blog. No matter what type of plant parent you are, The Sill will find you the perfect plant partner.

After suggesting a plant that suits your lifestyle and personality, The Sill’s experts can design and pot it for you. Better yet, they can ship their pre-potted indoor plants to anyone in the nation or provide free delivery to those in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Sill’s website offers exclusive hand made pots by artist Brian Giniewski and U.S. houseplants in vessels with fashion-forward names like “The August with Ferns” or “The Jules with Succulents.” Once an exclusively online shop, The Sill has added a shop at 84 Hester Street that offers larger floor plants, monthly workshops, plant consultations, and modern ceramic pots.

When they’re not designing and shipping next-generation houseplants, The Sill’s network of growers, artisans, designers, and manufacturers can be found transforming commercial spaces like Kate Spade Saturday’s SOHO shop or the NYC offices for Vine and Twitter into houseplant oases.

The Sill’s imagination is always in full bloom, so we decided to put their plant-owner matchmaking skills to the test. To get an idea of what plants work for what people, we asked The Sill to select the ideal houseplant for the following celebrities based on their personalities: Kate Middleton, Kanye West, Whoopi Goldberg, Anderson Cooper, and Ramona Singer. Below, you’ll find The Sill’s hilarious – and helpful matchups.

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Kate Middleton: A statuesque Bird of Paradise 

“The Strelitzia, commonly known as the Bird of Paradise plant, is named after the duchy (territory) of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in northern Germany, which was the birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom (1744-1818). A little nerdy but a fun co-winky dink.” – Erin Marino, PR & Markting Coordinator of The Sill

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Kanye West: A prickly cactus 

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Whoopi Goldberg: A resilient but fun-looking Ponytail Palm 

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Anderson Cooper: a silvery Tillandsia air plant

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Ramona Singer: a wild but strong Dracaena