Spoonflower Expands with Launch of Roostery.com


The on-demand fabric producer now offers DIY home décor products through Roostery.com

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

 “But I can see it in my head!”

It’s the line we use when that interior design project, outfit selection, or decorating effort doesn’t lead to the vision in mind. We can think up endless prints, colors, and patterns for our projects, but the problem occurs when we can’t find exactly what we imagine. Spoonflower understands that retail stores aren’t always as well stocked as our brains.That’s why their website allows users to put their own creations on custom fabrics, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Although Spoonflower is based in Durham, North Carolina, its 3.5 million users are from around the world.

Users upload a file of their own design or select one of the more than 350,000 designs available on the Spoonflower Marketplace, where designers receive a commission on the sales of their print. The site offers a myriad of print options from cats with crayons and oopma loopas to floating origami and mod mint triangles. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, the pattern browsing alone is worth a trip to the website.

As of this summer, Spoonflower launched its sister company, Roostery, that allows users to put Spoonflower designs on home décor products like throw pillows, napkins, place mats, and tea towels. Come Septemeber 15, seating options will also be available. Each design can be previewed on a 3D model of the product before it is made-on-demand and delivered approximately three weeks later. The entire process results in an eco-friendly production process that leaves behind no excess fabric -- or second thoughts about a design.

Get designing at Roostery.com, “Where personal expression comes home to roost.”