Summer Hair Tips from Plume Studio

From sea salt spray to nourishing hair milk, Plume Studio in Millburn is ready to revamp your tresses for summer

 By Sarah Emily Gilbert

For many of us, the long days spent on the beach or in the chlorinated pool show on our strands. Whether you’re dealing with bleached out hair color, an extra dry scalp, or brittle and damaged ends, Plume Studio in Millburn-Short Hills is equipped with the staff, products, and expertise to get your mane back shape.

Plume Studio is among the leading hair salons in north Jersey due to its owner and professional hairstylist, Maria Mount. Aside from being a former Bumble and Bumble hair colorist and employee at the Toni and Guy flagship, Mount holds a bachelor’s degree in Italian and Art History from Seton Hall University. A true symbol of brains meets beauty, Mount is Urban Agenda’s go-to girl when it comes to hair care. Here, Mount guides us through the summer hair essentials.

SPF Isn't Just for Skin - 

Protect your hair while enjoying the summer with products containing UV protectors like SU by Davines. We like the SU/hair milk which air-dries nicely and leaves hair soft and smelling great.

Davines SU Hair MilkDavines SU Hair & Body Wash

Sea Salt Spray - 

Use sea salt spray to get the beach look with Davines’s award winning This Is A Sea Salt Spray. Let the hair air dry. Create more volume by holding random air-dried strands with one two fingers and pinching and pulling in an upward motion with the other. Repeat this motion until you have the desired volume.

Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray

Braids Are Always in Style - 

With a messy part in the hair, do a Dutch braid down either side of the hair wrapping both ends in low bun at the nape of the neck fastened with a couple of bobby pins. Finish with This Is A Shimmer Mist by Davines.

Also a high bun does the trick for a chic summer look – place hair in a high ponytail and wrapping hair around to create a not so perfect bun atop your head- fasten ends with a couple of bobby pins. Finish with Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Hairspray by Davines which is humidity resistant.

Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist