The Bungalow Hotel


Cancel your home rental at the Jersey shore and book a room at The Bungalow Hotel in Long Branch.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

The Bungalow Hotel located at Pier Village in Long Branch is the only Jersey shore getaway of its kind. Just steps away from the beach, the boutique hotel features 24 diverse guest rooms with personalized design touches and various accommodations. Bungalow guests have accessibility to some of the finest restaurants and entertainment in the area from the Stone Pony to the popular French restaurant Avenue that features a lounge, raw bar, and beachfront dining. Guests can also enjoy access to a neighboring private beach called Le Club Beach Club for an additional $25 per person per day.

Here, we get an inside look at this sought-after seaside getaway from the Bungalow Hotel’s General Manager, Julian Payne.


What is the most requested room at the Bungalow Hotel?

All the rooms are popular; we only have 24 rooms, so we are truly boutique. We do only have one bedroom Suite called the Little Pipeline that is lovely, has a Master bedroom, tub, sitting room and balcony.

What makes it so special?

All the rooms are large, have wooden floors, and white minimalistic designs. However, the Little Pipeline has a surfboard in the bedroom, which sets it apart, and its balcony is lovely.

What is its rate?

Little Pipeline starts at $350 off-season midweek to $750 weekend on season.

 What is your favorite place in the hotel?

The Outside fireplace and the Bar, nothing’s better than sipping a glass of champagne outside. Whether it’s winter or summer, it proves to be cozy and snug.

Has their been any big name clients that have stayed at the Bungalow?

 Yes but incognito, and very, very discreet.

What is a fun fact about the hotel?

Every room is different and has a different country’s flag in its bedrooms. I am English, and there’s a 6-foot picture of the Queen in the lobby.