“The Price of Silence” at Princeton Garden Theatre

The Princeton YWCA presents a two-part documentary at Princeton Garden Theatre entitled The Price of Silence: The Forgotten Story of New Jersey’s Enslaved People. The event will take place on Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m.

Part 1 of the film offers an overview of the state’s history of enslaved people and shares the poignant family stories of its earliest freed slaves. “New Jersey is known as the Garden State,” Beverly Mills says in Part 1. “We’re known for our blueberries. We’re known for our corn. But we’re not known for the slaves that were here tilling the soil. We’re not known for the whole history of slavery connected to New Jersey and how slavery was the underpinning of much of the wealth of New Jersey.”

An in-theater panel discussion moderated by Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson will follow the film. The panel will include the film’s Executive Producer Ridgeley Hutchinson, State Representative Shavonda Sumter, and cast members Elaine Buck, Danielia Cotton, Dr. Linda Caldwell Epps, Kristal Langford, Mills, and Dr. R. Isabela Morales.

Princeton Garden Theatre is located at 160 Nassau Street. For additional details, visit princetongardentheatre.org.