The Story Behind Hoboken Farms’ Tomato Sauce

Hoboken native Brad Finkel never set out to enter the food business. In fact, back in the 1990s, he was more interested in touring the country with his musical group, trying to make an impact in the world as a working artist. 

However, when Finkel left Hudson County, he noticed that his fellow bandmates were homesick for fresh mozzarella, meats, homemade bread, and tomato sauce like the Italian Grandma’s made it. That meant nothing but the freshest ingredients and no additives like sugar. Nothing is dried and everything is bottled at the peak of freshness. In this way, Finkel sought to make his friends a little more comfortable. 

After a short time, Finkel decided to sell his sauce, which he called Hoboken Farms, at different farmers markets. He says that he will always remember his first sale when a woman approached his stand and purchased $20 worth of goods. Finkel excitedly told his wife that Hoboken Farms might be able to bring in a little income as a side business. To his excitement, the following week, the previous customer brought all her friends back and they all purchased more sauce!

Today, Hoboken Farms offers several different varieties such as Marinara Sauce, Basil Marinara, Big Boss Vodka Sauce, and Low Sodium Marinara. They can be found at Princeton area ShopRite stores and Whole Foods Markets, as well as 30 weekly farmers markets across New Jersey and New York.  You can also buy direct from and have it shipped to your house. All orders include free shipping. 

A New Jersey product using all local ingredients, Hoboken Farms’ sauces continue to be made in Hoboken. The story is an interesting and fortuitous turn of events for Finkel, whose family arrived in Hoboken as immigrants in the late 19th century. So, give Hoboken Farms a try at your next Sunday gravy night!