The World’s Tallest Sandcastle

King of the Castle

Ed Jarrett might just be the real life Sandman.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

On a recent trip to the beach with my ten-month old nephew, I found myself dumbfounded by the art of sandcastles. It’s just sand and water packed into a mold, right? Wrong. Somehow between the ages of six and 24, I completely lost my sandcastle-savvy. I even had to consult with a three-year-old on the proper building techniques.

Ed Jarrett never experienced the sandcastle learning gap. In fact, his skills have only improved with age, and he’s made it to the rank of sandcastle building professional. The talented sculpture is commissioned for corporate events, weddings, parties, and the likes to create detailed designs in sand, wood, snow, or ice. While Jarrett’s work in all media is incredible, his sand art is the sight to see, and on October 29, 2013 you couldn’t miss it. On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Jarrett broke the Guinness World Record for the Tallest Sandcastle on Jenkinson’s Beach in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The 38 feet, two-inch castle was his fourth world-record breaking sand creation.

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What’s Jarrett’s next venture? Re-breaking the record, of course. Jarrett is in the process of finalizing a project called “Hands vs. Machines 2016” where he plans on building the world’s tallest sandcastle with the help of Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity volunteers. Recently, the Guinness World Records changed the rules to allow machines in the construction of the tallest sandcastle, but Jarrett wants to break record #5 without the use of power tools. As a master carver, there’s no doubting Jarrett’s ability to conquer the machine with his handiwork.

Jarrett is planning to build on a site next to Laurita Winery in New Egypt called Castle Laurita West. He is asking for members of the public to assist with the build. For a donation of $20.16, anyone can help for the day, and buckets of sand can be donated to the project for $1. The money raised will go towards the construction of a new Habitat for Humanity home in Toms River for a low-income family on a donated lot from Toms River Township. For more information about volunteering and/or donating, please visit Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity’s website.

While we wait for Jarrett to announce the start date for Hands vs. Machines 2016, we can hone our own sand skills. According to the professional, the perfect sandcastle “is all about getting the water and sand mixture just right. Too much water weighs down the sand; too little water and the sand collapses. But, of course, the most important tip is to have fun!”

To learn more about Jarrett and his work visit his website,

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