Upward christian dating

In an age of endless swiping and incessant ghosting, it can be difficult to imagine how Christian dating is any different. After all, the ultimate goal of any relationship romantic or otherwise is to build a connection with another person. However, there is a unique version of dating emerging in the Christian world one that seeks to break the mold of traditional relationships and put an emphasis on growing spiritually. This type of dating is known as upward Christian dating.

Upward Christian dating is about developing authentic relationships in which people are focused on uplifting one another towards deeper faith and a relationship with God. Its about honest conversations, prayerful consideration, and daily practices that keep both parties accountable to their faith in Christ. Rather than looking for someone who meets certain criteria such as age, physical appearance, or career paths upward Christian dating involves finding someone who shares your spiritual journey and is willing to help you grow closer to God.

When it comes to courtship, upward Christian dating encourages taking things slow and getting to know one another through meaningful conversations and activities that are focused on developing a relationship with the Lord first. Praying together and having conversations about your theories of faith can help you cultivate a strong foundation and gain insight into your potential partner's beliefs while allowing you to share yours.

Furthermore, when it comes to spending time together, activities like attending church services, participating in Bible studies, and serving with a local charity can help two people connect on a deeper level while building a stronger spiritual relationship.

Ultimately, upward Christian dating is about finding someone to journey with you on your spiritual path. Its about recognizing that there are no perfect people in this world only people who are seeking the same thing: closer relationships with God and each other.

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