Urban Agenda shares Chango & Co.’s latest design project.

(Images and information courtesy of chango.co; photography by Jacob Snavely)

Susana Simonpietri and her team at Chango & Co. restored a young family’s faith in the sea in their latest project, the Bay Head Beach Bungalow.   After a client’s beach house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy days after finalizing its purchase, the New York based interior design firm was called in to help. Creating a nautical themed home, Chango & Co. transformed the house into an unforgettable space that can seemingly weather any storm.

From coral-colored wallpaper with a lobster motif to a rope of vintage buoys, every inch of the Bay Head Bungalow evokes a deep-sea voyage. Reminiscent of a ship, much of the interior is painted a pristine white that makes the space feel open and illuminated. The walls are contrasted by bright colored accents and playful décor and artwork.   The resulting look is both nautical and casual, modern and preppy.

As written by Simonpietri on the Chango & Co. website, “Starting from scratch with a trusting second-time client and a talented construction team gave us the chance to experiment and develop every detail along the way, allowing us to reinterpret our favorite elements of a traditional nautical home combined with the lightness and ease of a beach bungalow.”

The design firm used some of the most iconic fabrics and materials associated with casual, beach-inspired style. Shiplap, white canvas, and linen decorate the home while red and blue geometric designs and rope accents add a clever touch.

Filled with contemporary coastal flair, Chango & Co.’s latest project ensures that the ocean is never far from home.

Photo by Jacob Snavely

Photos by Jacob Snavely


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