Urban Insider: Coffee Table Books


These gorgeous books are full of style and substance.



Bloomingdales, Gem and Stone Chronicle Books, $24.95

"Gem and Stone" celebrates 50 different gems ranging from timeless classics like diamond and emerald to exotic beauties such as lapis lazuli, peridot, and even petrified wood. Altman's photographs capture the splendor of each gem, while brief text highlights the stones' chemical makeups, metaphysical properties, and associated folklore throughout human history. Hand-drawn illustrations by Heather Smith Jones and an insightful foreword by mineralogist Thomas W. Overton round out this lustrous volume. Rock hounds, new age practitioners, and contemporary decorators and fashionistas will all delight in this treasure of a book.


Bloomingdales, Chronicle Books Pasta Book, $29.95

Antonio Carluccio's "Pasta" combines the Italian master's inimitable knowledge with his expert taste buds to provide over 100 original and irresistible pasta recipes. The book begins with an instructional master class, teaching the reader everything they will need to know about pasta--how to cook it and how to marry it with the perfect sauce. Accompanying step-by-step photography offers an inspired visual guide.


Dot and bo, Biophilia Hardcover, $37 (21% off)

You're going to love this wildly vivid excursion through the spectacle of animal life, where nature creates its own beautiful geometry. Budding entomologists will have a blast looking through the exquisite illustrations; it'll also make a welcome addition to the naturalist's living room coffee table.


Dot and Bo, Exceptional Treehouses Book, $30 (29% off)

Modern architecture reaches great heights with these truly exceptional homes. Written by treehouse enthusiast Alain Laurens, this fascinating book takes readers on a tour of 30 different treehouse structures. Eco-friendly architecture is highlighted in this innovative guide that demonstrates how each design was built as well as how beautiful a home in the trees can be.


Dot and Bo, Guide to Bordeaux Wines Book, $20 (20% off)

You fancy yourself a wine connoisseur? Take your love of the vineyard delicacy to the next level with Guide to Bordeaux Wines. Made in partnership with the famed Bordeaux Wine School, this informative guide offers nuggets of essential history, along with suggested food and wine pairings, instructions for wine blending, and rules of wine tasting. Supplemented with original drawings, handy maps, charts, tables, and diagrams, this charming paperback is a truly enjoyable read.


Dot and Bo, Novelty Patterns Book, $16 (27% off)

If you dream of a world covered in flannel, dots, and geometric shapes, you’ll love Valerie Mendes’ book V&A Pattern: Novelty Patterns. A collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s most celebrated designs, this hardcover will make a chic addition to your coffee table collection. This vivid celebration of patterns is perfect for art and design enthusiasts alike.


Dot and Bo, Extreme Earth Book, $57 ( 33% off)

Study the current state of our earth in this stunning hardback. Filled with 365 stunning photographs from leading documentary photographer, Michael Martin, Extreme Earth visually documents the four climate zones, where extreme temperatures and drought are currently commonplace. From the expansive Sahara to the ice sheets of Greenland, this gorgeous book offers a mesmerizing look at the natural world.


Dot and Bo, Birdie Love Book, $30 (25% off)

Perfect for the avid bird watcher, Birdie Love boasts 100 stunning color photographs of a diverse range of exotic birds. Fine art photographer Leila Jeffreys captures each bird in such a way, that their individual personalities seem to shining through each image. From a red-headed Gang-Gang Cockatoo to a regal White-Bellied Sea Eagle, this books selection of subjects come from everywhere between Jeffreys' native Australia to North America.


Dot and Bo, New Bohemians Book $24 (33% off)

Celebrate everything awesome about bohemian design and lifestyle with this New Bohemians Book. From author Justine Blakeney, a noted LA-based designer, this book explores 20 bohemian homes on both the east and west coasts of the United States. A glorious hardback, coffee table edition, this book is sure to spark conversation and inspire design ideas for your own home.


Dot and Bo, Wes Anderson Companion Book, $36

The minds of those who create and produce feature films are often complex and fascinating. Director Wes Anderson’s work has earned honors in many venues, but his most recent directing efforts won him an Academy Award for the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read behind-the-scenes tales of how Anderson and his team brought this dramatic comedy from a script to an Oscar-winning film.