Who is alexis sky dating

Alexis Sky is currently dating the rapper Fetty Wap. The couple have been together since 2018 and have been spotted together at a variety of events, including award shows and red carpets.

The couple have had both ups and downs in their relationship. In 2020, they split briefly but later reconciled, and have continued to show their affection for each other via social media. They have often shared photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts and have shown that their love is still strong.

Recently, the pair was seen attending a Grammy Awards viewing party and showed off their love for one another. On her Instagram, Alexis shared a post of the two of them with the caption, Forever and Always . They also recently had a photoshoot together for Fetty Waps new clothing line.

Despite the challenges that come along with any relationship, it appears that this couple is still going strong and are in it for the long haul. They seem to be really supportive of each other and view each other as an important part of their lives. It looks like Alexis Sky and Fetty Wap are set to be together for a long time yet.

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